'Enhanced Boiler Control'

Utilising the existing Trend Building Management System, ATC Systems were employed by BBC NI to modify the boiler control strategy providing enhanced control of the oil fired boilers. These changes incorporated a boiler compensation strategy based on the external temperature with further changes made to the control strategy incorporating boiler sequencing with reference to the boiler return water temperature rather than the traditional flow header temperature, these changes contributed to significant savings in Co2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Belfast City Council

'Building Optimisation'

ATC Systems Ltd was employed by Belfast City Council to perform a ‘Building Optimisation’ exercise on seven major leisure centres across the city. In each centre we revised the temperature and occupation settings, configured enhanced boiler control, setup intelligent monitoring of the CHP unit, monitored and adjusted fan speed settings using Variable Speed Drives. As part of the enhancements we provided centre staff with local access to the BMS via Trend 963 Server schematics pages these provided  information for each centre giving the facility for staff to log on to the server and access specific pages for their centre giving them ownership of the energy management system and information on the centre energy consumption.


'Humidity & Enthalpy Control'

After surveying the HVAC plant at one of the Company's factories ATC Systems Ltd identified that significant savings would be achieved with the implementation of an Enthalpy control strategy on the existing AHU systems. By installing external and space humidity sensors this allowed the dew point temperature of the fresh air and space to be calculated. The BMS control strategy was modified so that system used the AHU mixing dampers to achieve the most economic method of humidifying and de-humidifying the space whilst maintaining the production facility within specification limits.

Newry Swimming Pool

'VSD Installation'

During an Energy Survey of the swimming pool it was identified that significant savings could be achieved by installing Variable Speed Drives on the Supply and Extract fans of the Air Handling Units. ATC Systems Ltd provided a ‘turn key’ solution for our client undertaking supply of the VSD’s, electrical installation and commissioning of the drives. Savings in excess of 30% in the electricity consumption of the AHU's were achieved using this ‘tried and tested’ method.


Newry and Mourne / Down District Council Metering Project


In Early 2013 Newry & Mourne District Council and Down District Council commenced on the first phase of a joint venture to procure an Automated Meter Reading System that would provide them with accurate real time metering data from 21 different sites spread across both council districts that would monitor Electricity, Oil, Water and Biomass consumption.

ATC Systems Ltd were successful in winning the Tender process and set about providing a ‘Turn Key’ solution to monitor 138 meters, which included Survey, Design and all installation works including sub-contracting of Electrical and Mechanical contractors and Fiscal Meter Operators to provide the necessary pulse outputs.

This phase of works were completed in early 2014 and has now been extended with ongoing phases.

The System

Being a recognised Trend Technology Centre and building on the success of the Trend family of products ATC Systems Ltd provided ‘Trend Energy Manager’ as the software package through which the user could view and analyse the Metering Data, produce Cost Reports, set targets and ultimately take control of spiralling energy costs.

As well as utilising existing Trend Hardware on some of the sites, we also installed Trend IQ411 Outstations capable of reading up to 5 pulse meters and also providing 6 outputs making the system ‘Future Proof’ should the need arise to take control of the heating plant or lighting.

All controllers communicate via the Councils own IT Network which provides a quick and reliable method of transferring the data.

Customer Testimonial

I have been thoroughly impressed with ATC Systems Ltd throughout the project from design stage to installation to commissioning. It was particularly impressive that a project of this size, spread throughout 21 sites within 2 different councils, was managed so efficiently and effectively without any significant problems.

TEM is a very simple, user friendly package yet it is extremely effective. We have found it to be ideal for monitoring the energy usage of council buildings for oil, biomass, electricity and water.

With data collected at 15min intervals we have been able to identify areas of wastage, particularly at night and take action in cutting out wastage. By installing timer plugs on all our vending machines we have been able to note the reduction in electricity usage through the night.

Moving forward we will be able to show savings of any future projects to our buildings. As our data increases over time we will be capable of demonstrating how our buildings are performing in terms of energy by using degree day analysis.


Ciarán Óg Mussen
Energy & Sustainability Officer

Newry & Mourne District Council

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